overcome the fear of career change past 40

My name is Janice Sutherland and I'm a Career Strategist
for Black Women over 40.

Ever wondered how some women always seem to know their next career move and make changing careers so easy, no matter their age?

As a serial career changer, I know only too well the hurdles and obstacles women over 40 face in pursuit of their career goals, feeling stuck in a career that no longer aligns to your personal values or professional priorities and not knowing what to do.

In today's job climate, it's essential that women over 40 are prepared to make moves as and when needed.

Read the lessons I've learnt successfully re-inventing my career and life multiple times at 40 and past 50 years old.

Download today and learn...

  • How to recognize the mindset challenges. keeping you in a career you dislike
  • The practical steps you can take to start designing your next career chapter.
  • To understand the benefits of changing careers in mid-life.

Janice is very insightful and she got it. It felt so good to know, "she saw me" and understood what I was facing in my career. Spending time with you was extremely helpful and invaluable. You get it and a lot more women need to get what you have to provide!

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